Event Policies


 If you want to host a gathering over 25 guests, you’ll have to get an event insurance policy. We’ll get you all the details you need to do this.


The cost to you usually ranges from $70-100.


We set-up the inside tables and chairs. The benches for the ceremony site we ask you to do and not leave out overnight. It’s a good job for your groomsmen.


We don’t have a lot of rules about food. We want to know what your plan is and we have to approve it. This is so that if you tell us you’re going to host an outdoor bonfire barbecue on the hottest, driest summer day of the year, we can let you know that won’t work :).  We’ve seen food trucks, a whole Christmas dinner for 65 cooked at least partially in our kitchen, formal catering, and breakfast burritos pre-made and warmed in our ovens just to name a few.


We know you saw that chinchilla on our Instagram. 


Yes, we allow pets with approval and payment of a pet fee and occasionally extra deposit.

Down Payment

The down payment for an event is $500 and is non-refundable and non-transferrable if you want to re-schedule.


 If you want to serve your guests any kind of alcohol during your reception, that’s great!


 You’ll need to get an insured bartender to do the serving for the time of the reception.

Tents and Other Rentals

We allow tents and other outside rentals with approval. We don’t allow other tables and chairs inside our space to protect our floor but we can discuss your needs if you want some extra stuff for outside or in the garage.

Further Questions?

Visit our FAQ page for more details and answers to common questions.