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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get into 1 C Barn on the day of my event or stay?

We will provide you check-in information the week before your stay. This will include codes to get in and other important information

Do we have to have a bartender?

All large events that are serving alcohol must have an insured bartender serving the alcohol for the time of the event.

Do we have to use specific caterers?

You do not have to use specific caterers. However, all caterers must be approved by staff prior to the event.

Can we have a food truck?

With prior approval, food trucks are allowed. 

Can we have a tent?

A tent may be pitched with staff approval. Colorado Party Rentals is the only company we allow guests to use. Scroll below to access a list containing recommended vendors.

Is there a sound system?

There is a six-speaker sound system that plays throughout the first floor of 1 C Barn. It can be used with a phone via Bluetooth or auxiliary cord. 

What is set up for us and what do we set up?

We set up all tables and chairs inside the Barn. Guests are responsible for setting up and taking down outdoor chairs and benches.

Is there WiFi available at 1 C Barn?

Yes, and the password is posted at the Barn.

Can we play a video at our wedding?

There is a 60in tv with a receiver on the main floor that guests are welcome to use.

What type of parking do you have?

We have a parking lot that can house ~12 cars and the driveway can hold an additional ~12. Extra cars beyond that can park on the road. 

Can we tour 1 C before we book our event there?

We are happy to give guests tours of 1 C Barn. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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